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RPO Group is a radiotheranostic CRO located in the heart of Western Europe, the global epicentre of radiomolecular precision oncology. This collaborative alliance of experts including Prof Dr Richard P Baum, Prof Dr Andreas Tuerler, and Dr Hugo M L Jansen unites their respective specialities into a flexible, tailor-made approach.

Clinical study management
Our focus is on providing early radiotheranostics clinical trials services. We support your entire program from clinical study design to Clinical Study report.
Radiomolecular image management
Develop your clinical program with our comprehensive nuclear medicine and radiomolecular imaging management solutions and expert radiotheranostic core lab services.
Scientific & medical consultancy services
Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to support, streamline and optimize every stage of your pharmaceutical journey.
Medical Writing
We provide medical writing services in the field of radiotheranostics for all stages of your clinical development.

The Latest

RPO Group flyer
Download our flyer to get to know RPO Group in a nutshell.
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Theranostics explained
Download our infographic to see how Theranostics can tailor treatment to your unique health profile, enhancing effectiveness and minimizing side effects.
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RPO Group will be attending BNMS Annual Spring Meeting
On 13-15 May RPO Group will be attending BNMS Annual Spring Meeting in Belfast.
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