The rise of Radiotheranostics in Clinical Management

The current radiotheranostic revolution – already well under way, and only getting stronger - is profoundly changing treatment paradigms for cancer patients, and may soon be among the most important pillars in clinical management.

See what you treat and treat what you see!

At RPO Group, we understand deeply the operational challenges that come with the transition from pre-clinical to clinical.
Moreover, there are further complexities of combining diagnosis and therapy on the back of a single targeting ligand. The advantages of this approach are tremendous, so our mission is to ensure that your molecule has every chance of succeeding.

We leverage expertise in drug-development and advanced radiomolecular imaging techniques (PET-CT, PET-MRI, SPECT-CT) to assist the strategic development of your program; gathering the evidence you need to take the next step. We can’t guarantee that a new drug will succeed, but we can ensure that with RPO’s commitment to scientific rigour and operational efficiency, you will have all of the information necessary to make the critical decisions for your pipeline.

Join the radiotheranostic revolution with RPO Group as your partner and begin changing patient’s lives today!
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Who's who?
Prof Dr Richard P Baum (MD PhD), Chairman, is the current Chairman of the Advanced Theranostic Centre for Radiomolecular Precision Oncology at CURANOSTICUM (Wiesbaden-Frankfurt, Germany), President of the Academy (International Centres for Precision Oncology (ICPO)), and Professor of Nuclear Medicine (University of Frankfurt-Main, Germany). Within RPO Group, he is the clinical and medical opinion leader, offering advice and consultancy on study strategy and design.
Prof Dr Andreas Türler (PhD), Head of Radiochemistry and Manufacturing, currently holds the chair of radiochemistry at University of Bern. Prof. Türler and his team established a GMP-certified radiopharmacy at the Insel University Hospital in Bern. Within RPO Group he is an internationally renowned expert in the field of chemistry and physics of radionuclide production for nuclear medicine.
Dr Hugo M L Jansen (PharmD MD PhD), CEO, is a clinical pharmacologist and nuclear radiologist. Within RPO Group, he now will act as business, imaging, medical and science liaison. With nearly 30 years of life science and clinical experience, Dr Jansen has an extensive background working with hospitals and companies focused on theranostics.
Delphine Remmy (PharmD), Head of Medical Affairs, has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, from big pharma to start-up companies. Her main experience is Oncology, Haematology and Rare Diseases from phase I to phase III with a focus on early stage development. Within RPO Group Delphine will oversee the set-up and execution of all clinical studies, and serve as a liaison for our clients.
Iona Nicolson Bowles, Head of Clinical Operations, has over 20 years’ experience across pharmaceutical, CRO and private cancer clinics. Knowledgeable in all phases of trials from start up to close out with a particular interest in early development.

Extensive people management experience with a passion for coaching and mentoring, building high performance teams and leading change management in organisations.
Michael Payne-McGlen, Head of Imaging Operations, has 8 years of experience in nuclear medicine imaging across both clinical practice and clinical research. His expertise covers all aspects of image management and analysis of theranostics from phase I through phase III. He will lead end-to-end delivery of imaging services for RPO Group.